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Things to do in Kos island: holidays for everyone

Plenty of tourist attractions are being waited for you in Kos Island: starting from lazy holiday at the beach and finishing by active sports. Although, the main reason to visit island is an amazing nature. 

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The best beaches in Kos island

The beaches of Kos Island are widely known far beyond Greece. The thing is in their diversity: on a small island, you will find beaches with fine and coarse sand, shallow and deep, calm and with constant waves, with small and large pebbles, deserted and full of entertainment. 

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Island hopping from Kos

Sights of Greece are not only ancient monuments of architecture, but also its islands, occupying one-fifth of the country's area. Each island is a separate world, carefully storing its features and traditions. Island hopping in Greece is a wonderful opportunity to discover beautiful world of history, nature and local culture. 

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Check when is the best time to visit Kos island

On the island of Kos tourist season lasts from early April to late October. The island is famous for its mild climate and good weather. Find out more about features of each month and best time to go to Kos.
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Delicious holidays in Kos island in Greece.

If you are going to Greece to briefly see the sights or just lazily lie on the beach, it is better to hand over the tickets back. This country can really surprise you.

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Kos island: no-stress holiday travel with kids

Travel a family is great, but at once idyll can turn into a nightmare if not to find what to occupy the children. You don't want to listen a regular moaning that it is too boring for them and when already home, aren’t you? Then be prepared for a holiday in advance, and our review will help with it.

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What to see on Kos island

You have reserved your tour to Kos Island in Greece and can't wait for the holiday. Check our must visit places article and you will definitely not be missing out.

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Car rental information

Before you book the car, we suggest you to get to know our rental conditions, insurance rules and some other details which will be useful to you.

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Kos island map

Kos island is small enough and absolutely cozy. The best way to discover it is by car. Here you surely will find something you really love...

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About Kos island

The first information about Kos island come straight from your tour operator. Are you interested to know more about the island and if it is worth spending your vacation there? Several facts will help you make the right choice in order to spend unforgettable holidays...

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