What to see on Kos island

What to see on Kos island

You have reserved your tour to Kos Island in Greece and can't wait for the holiday. Check our must visit places article and you will definitely not be missing out.

Kos is a pretty small island, but the amount of sights and interesting places is impressive. It is most convenient to investigate it, having rented a car: clear roads and a large number of indexes will help you find the desirable location without effort and without becoming attached to group or public transportation.


Where to go and what to see in Kos Island so the holiday doesn’t turn into a continuous lay on the beach?

  • The capital of the island — the city of Kos. In Greece any building is a paradise for the fans of Greek history. The capital of the island hasn’t changed location since 366 BC, so it’s the best place to get acquainted with the history of Kos . The most impressive monuments: Fortress of St. John knights, Casa Romana, Odeon, Gymnasium, Archaeological museum. In the meanwhile, don't forget to drink a cup of the Greek coffee at Liberty Square while in between breaks to get Greek vibes. 


  • Asklepeion — the main place of interest of the island of Kos. The monumental complex which once included medical institutions, temples, a library with stories of diseases and patients and even a theater. The view takes everyone’s  breath away here, and the power of this place truly inspires people.
  • Thermal springs in Agios Fokas are actively used by locals for the treatment of different illnesses and relaxation. Tip: it is better to plan your trip at the hot springs at the end of the day as well as it is obligatory to take a shower after a swim.
  • In the small mountain village of  Zia , during the wintertime you will find it very difficult, to meet any passerby. But in the summer, shops provide you with goods of national trade, taverns compete in the best traditional dishes, there is also a zoo in a natural landscape, and fans of history and religion can visit the operating Byzantine church of the 14th century and, of course, the sunset from this heights has already become a must see on Kos.
  • Since ancient times, Greeks are famous for their wine and culture of its drinking. On the island of Kos there are two large wineries which regularly participate and win prizes at international competitions. Go to Hatziemanouil or Triantafilopoulos. There you will taste local grades, and also will learn about vineyards and process of winemaking. It is actually a lot more interesting than it seems!
  • From the height of settlement Old Pyli, the impressive panorama of Kos , and ruins of the castle and the village will add a special color to your trip.
  • The castle of Antimachia.  During  the rule of Hospitaller knights lots of castles were constracted on Kos island, the largest of them was in Antimachia for southen part control. Only external walls have now remained, but it is interesting on the inside as well.
  • The trip to the pine wood in Plaka will give great pleasure not only to children, but also adults. Lots of peacocks who got used to tourists live in the woods and aren't afraid to approach people. Take some cookies or biscuits with you, birds love it!
  • On Kos island you will find very different beaches, for every taste — sandy, pebble, flat, deep, quiet, with waves … In our subjective opinion the best beaches are situated on the peninsula Kefalos: Paradise beach, Camel beach, by Magic beach, etc. - safely choose any and spend your time perfectly! 


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