About Kos island

The first information about Kos island come straight from your tour operator. Are you interested to know more about the island and if it is worth spending your vacation there? Several facts will help you make the right choice in order to spend unforgettable holidays:  

  • Kos island has 300 Sunny days per year! And it is not exaggeration :) Most likely during your holiday from May till the end of September not only there will be no rain, but also clouds will be a big rarity.


  • Kos is perfect for history admirers, it's just all around! Here you will find attractive historical ways and certificates of various eras in rather good condition. 


  • Kos Island can become a place of inspiration and great value for the doctors, since it is Hippocrates's homeland. Now many try to come back for sources to understand the essence, and it is correct!


  • More than 11 km of bicycle paths are going around Kos town. It is a really fine way not only to visit the island’s capital and surroundings, but also to return back home in peak form. 


  • Kos is safe. Even when you return back to your hotel very late in the night, you will not be bothered. And this is important!


  • The island provides a lot of local products. Having brought home fragrant olive oil, honey and herbs, you keep a smell of Greece giving you the feeling of relaxation as if you were still on vacation. 


  • All in all, in Greece and in Kos in particular you can find tasty inexpensive food. Mediterranean cuisine with fresh ingredients and large portions on very pleasant rates.  


  • In Kos Island has a variety of beaches. Sandy, pebble, flat, deep, with waves, quiet ... all this here! 


  • Kos is famous for its stormy night life. The younger generation comes here every summer to enjoy every second of it. 


  • A variety of hotels. Here anyone will find hotels of any kind. Romantic "for adults only", or with entertainments for children, city, standing separately etc.


  • On Kos Island you are able to afford what you’ve always dreamed of driving, for example, renting a cabriolet or organizing a sailing trip, for quite reasonable money.


  • Kos Island - the ideal place to get married, or organize symbolical wedding ceremony! You will remember it with love and warmth all your life and for certain, coming here once is not enough. 


  • The Island extent from the East to the West is only 44 km. A Car hire will help you visit the most interesting places, various beaches, to have lunch and dinner at the best restaurants and all this, without becoming attached to a taxi or public transport.




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