Delicious holidays in Kos island in Greece.

greek cuisineIf you are going to Greece to briefly see the sights or just lazily lie on the beach, it is better to hand over the tickets back. This country can really surprise you. Whether you are headed to the island of Kos or another resort - you all are waiting warm sea, sightseeing ancient sights, beautiful nature, incredibly friendly locals, and of course, delicious food and wine. So turne in to start enjoying Greek food!


Mediterranean cuisine is not only diverse, but also allows you to extend your life. And if you don’t know what to try in Greece, then start with the cheese. In this country, it is used more than anywhere else on the planet. Furthermore, each region has its own special recipe that are proud.


What can be found on the dining table of the Greeks?

Greek cuisine has a lot of nuances, so that everyone will find something to their liking. In the list of what to try in Greece of food you should definitely turn the meat. Greeks prefer young lambs, calves, piglets, goats and chickens. So, the meat-eaters have something to enjoy - all incredibly juicy and appetizing.


But an even greater expanse expects seafood lovers. Greek cuisine is the full use of the gifts of the Mediterranean Sea. Gentle perch, bream, sardines, whitebait or red mullet will not leave indifferent any gourmet. But shellfish are served often raw. They are also often grilled or fried in boiling oil. In general, the Greeks believed that the meat is there in the mountains, but the fish in the sea. So, going on a Kos Island, do not forget this rule.


About “three pillars” of Greek cuisine

Talking about what to try in Greece, we can’t ignore the main characters of culinary nation. We are of course of the bread, wine and olives. Around these products literally rotates the entire Greek cuisine. Greek olives preparing the most bizarre ways from soaking in vinegar or oil and ending with the conversion to the olive oil. In general, it is difficult to imagine a Greek meal without olives - pressured, notched, sprinkled oregano or in any other form.


Looking for an easy and delicious snack of bread does not pass by. In this country they really know how the stove. Just take a piece of fresh bread, sprinkle it with olive oil, place a slice of feta on top and sprinkle with oregano - is simple, but memorably delicious!


And the last thing to try in Greece a must is wine. Greeks like to drink regardless of meals and meetings occasion - the main thing that is important is a good company.


Tips what to try on Kos island. Top-5 dishes.

Traditional Greek food can have their own variations depending on the region. So, visiting the island of Kos, we can not ignore Greek classical five dishes:

  • Pligouri - wheat porridge with stewed pork. Local chefs keep their secrets, so anywhere else in Greece, you will not try so crispy and fragrant pliguri.
  • Htapodi stifado. Be sure to try the juicy stewed octopus with onions. Dish perfect and by itself, or in combination with rice.
  • Krasotyri cheese from goat's milk, which is famous delicacy of Kos island. It is easily recognizable by the red color and savory taste, obtained by soaking in wine.
  • Lambropita. Air flan with a cheese filling you will dream for a long time.
  • Tomato jam. Traditional island dessert is the perfect end of a good dinner.

Looking for where and what to try in Greece from the food, try to avoid popular tourist destinations. Of course, the Greeks are trying not to neglect the quality, but the margin several times have also not particularly happy. So be guided by the rule that in places with a large number of Greeks tastier and cheaper.

Kos Island is famous for its restaurants, taverns and cafes, bars and coffee shops. But most of all for the hospitality of Greeks. Almost everythere you will be surved water free of charge - in Greece, it is consideres as good tone. And of course, huge portions in local restaurants can be attributed to local myths.



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