The best beaches of Kos island

Nicesr beaches on the island of Kos


Vacation in Greece every year attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. The mild climate, kilometers of beaches, developed infrastructure along with the richest historical and cultural heritage put Greece in the top destinations for summer holidays.


Kos Island is washed by the Aegean Sea, known for its cleanliness, transparency and beautiful water color. However, do not forget that the Aegean Sea also warms up a bit later than the Ionian and Mediterranean seas.  


The beaches of Kos Island are widely known far beyond Greece. The thing is in their diversity: on a small island, you will find beaches with fine and coarse sand, shallow and deep, calm and with constant waves, with small and large pebbles, deserted and full of entertainment. Without exaggeration, we can say that everyone here will find the perfect place for themselves. For those who love diversity, the best solution is to rent a car and go to different beaches of the island to complement the sensations.


Best 7 beaches on the island of Kos

  • Agios Fokas is a beach located in the southeast of the island on the way to the Thermal Spring. Here there are rarely waves, and the water is deep blue-azure.

Type of beach: pebble.


  • Trulos is a beach located between the villages of Marmari and Mastichari. From the sea almost always blows a light breeze, catching up with the wave. This beach is ideal for learning windsurfing. The beach is marked by the "blue flag" for its cleanliness.

Type of beach: white sand.


  • Paradise Beach - a beach located on the peninsula of Kefalos. A wide strip of the beach with all kinds of entertainment and water sports. Ideal for those who love active marine recreation.

Type of beach: sand.


  • Magic Beach - a beach located on the peninsula of Kefalos. Quite beach with crystal clear water and a rare wind. Nearby there is a tavern offering traditional Greek cuisine.

Type of beach: sand.


  • Naftikos Omilos is a beach located in Lambi, very close to the city of Kos, it’s especially convenient for combining walking in the center and swimming.

Type of beach: coarse sand.


  • Therma is an unexpected and rewarding experience on the island of Kos, located 10 km from Kos town, right after Agios Fokas area. The hot springs are a real treasure containing elements such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur and Chlorine, ideal treatments for rheumatism, arthritis and any gynecological related issues.

Type of beach: black volcanic sand.


  • Limnionas beach is located on the northern part of Kefalos peninsula. A quiet beach with a stunning view of the neighboring Greek islands will appeal to those who want to escape from the crowd and the rapid rhythm of life.

Type of beach: sand.


Without a doubt, the beaches on the island of Kos will like the most diverse categories of tourists, and each of them will stay satisfied. Travelers with children will be pleased with the numerous sandy beaches with a low bank. Fans of active sports will enjoy windsurfing, kite surfing and diving. Those who like to hang out will enjoy the number of beach bars with an extensive program of summer concerts. Seeking peace and quiet await a variety of wild and equipped beaches on Kos.


The weather on the island of Kos allows from May to October to enjoy the summer, the sun and the beautiful Aegean Sea. More about weather in Kos and best time to visit it you will find here.


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