Check when is the best time to visit Kos island

Best time to visit Kos

Travel to the island of Kos will leave an unforgettable impression, because this Greek island is always beautiful. The greatness of the columns of Asklepeion, the Altar of Dionysos, variety of beaches with clear turquoise water, rich nightlife with lots of bars, clubs and restaurants, live music, well-trained staff, bright night colors.


Kos island climate and weather

Tourists knowingly prefer a trip to the island of Kos. The tourist season here lasts a whole half-year, beginning in May and ending in October. The weather on Kos is always comfortable for outdoor walks, swimming in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea and exploring lots of attractions.


In May, Kos island is full of greenery. There is no heat at this time yet, the average temperature is 25⁰, the island is blooming and fills with colors, the sea warms up to 20⁰. Tourists are few more, so a trip to Kos in May is suitable for more secluded leisure and walks without fuss and crowd. Also, May is a wonderful month when it's better to have a rest with a baby.


In June, those who do not like the intense heat and the cold sea feel comfortable on the island of Kos. It is already summer weather with an average temperature of 27⁰. At the beginning of the month the sea is a bit cool, but by the middle the water is getting warmer and on average heats up to 23⁰.


July is the peak of tourist activity. The weather is clear and hot, the water in the sea is warm, but not overheated. The average temperature is 31⁰, of the sea 25⁰. The heat is not felt so much due to the fresh breeze. July is the time when it is better to have holidays in Kos with the whole family, splash in the sea, sunbathe on the beach and enjoy summer days.


August is the hottest month on the island of Kos with an average daily temperature of 31⁰ and a warm, pleasant sea, warmed up to 26⁰. The sun is merciless to nature - the plants getting burnt. However, for tourists such weather can be the most comfortable, therefore a trip to Kos in August is a wish of everyone who wants to enjoy real Greek summer.


Autumn is the best time to go to Kos for history lovers

Going to the island of Kos in September, you need to know that the days are still hot, but in the evenings, it can be cool. In the end of the month there are short rains in places. Tourists are noticeably less, especially with school-age children. Average temperature is 28⁰, sea water is 25⁰.


In October, the tourist season on the island of Kos completes. It is still warm days, but in the evening, it gets much cooler. Short-term rains are increasing. The average daily temperature of air and water is reduced and is about 23⁰.


Looking for the time, when it's best time to visit Kos, keep in mind that it is the island of myths and legends, ancient temples and the greatest civilization, wide long beaches and crystal water of Aegean Sea, so here at any time of the year there is something to see and to do.


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